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Originally Posted by cidstorm View Post
This is the very heart of the matter, tiny warp nacelles of the bug can go warp ten. Their tiny hulls are covered in 3,000 plus HP armor. Tiny Defiant weapon emitters are in the second most powerful category of the game (only recently dethroned), tiny shield generators on the Nova are science ship grade. You could fill the rest of a connie with tribbles and have it be just as powerful. This is not what I am advocating, I am not asking for science grade shields or DHC, I am just saying comparable equipment could fit within a Connie. You are implying there is some mystical connection between the outer hull of a ship and it's inner functions, that just isn't true anymore in STO. A tiny warp core no more than few decks tall can power all of those things in game.
I was going to mention in one of the UP cruiser threads, but you gave me a good segue: You can stick a Defiant Refit in the hangar of an Odyssey, yet the former has three-quarter the hit points of the latter. Today I learned there's no square-cube law in the 25th century.