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Originally Posted by wirtdd View Post
Well maybe because is too hard for me to understand that all the kdf players, whinning and complaining on every thread they can, are actually having fun doing it.

But u are right, ppl do like to suffer, which explains the question from the other thread.

I think you're mistaking whining with reasonable concerns.
Whining is when the Fed. player that flies a 5 tac. console Fleet Defiant with cloak whines that it needs to be integrated and not a console. Whining is when the same player says that his cloak is worthless unless it is batllecloak.
Whining is when they shout OP for the ships of a faction that hasn't received a Z-Store ship in a year. Whining is when Feds. like to get the ships of a faction that has 50% of the number of ships they have. I won't go any further, I hope you catch my drift...
When a KDF player complains about the inability of the faction to attract players due to locked Klingon gameplay untill lvl 25, that's a reasonable concern.
When a KDF player complains about the KDF not getting the equivalent of the new Fed. set of toys, that's not whining, that's reasonable concern about game & faction balance.

I agree with you that there is much whining from both sides on the forums and even though we have quite some whiners in our rows as well, the majority of the KDF players is expressing reasonable concerns about the future of the faction and the game concept as a whole. We never wanted to take something from the Feds. and add to KDF, we just want equal or at least some kind of treatment as players of STO.

Originally Posted by yreodred View Post
Give Cryptics writers a chance it's already almost impossible for them to create real Star Trek like storys for the Federation, creating tuely Klingon storys must be almost impossible for them.
Actually, due to the nature of the game and MMOs in general, I believe that it's far easier for them to write Klingon stories and missions then Fed. ones. Klingons thrive on battle and kill this-kill that is the bottomline in STO atm.
I believe that making authentic Fed. missions with the diplomatic & negotiation approach is far more complicated.

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Thank you for answer.
See you in-game then
Sure. Wellcome to the KDF!

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