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03-01-2013, 10:37 AM
I'll be honest, I think Cryptic made another poor knee-jerk reaction, like they did with the Foundry Fleet Marks.

They claim the change was to stop people from "exploiting" and finishing Private PvP within a minute. But yet people been farming Dilithium by this method since F2P went live and they only reacted to this because of those stupid Fleet Marks - in a daily that may or may not be every 20 hours.

Guess what Cryptic, your actions didn't change a thing. Groups of people are still doing this and finishing in a few minutes. You only hurt small fleets of under 3 people who liked to PvP solo, whom now have to work harder, while those Kamekaze groups get their dailies done in a few minutes.

Originally Posted by starmanj View Post
Now Mackenzie is being pick on by kill count settings. Well you know this will not stop hard core grinders or PvP AFKers. So a Idea to do it correctly would be To make Mackenzie's

'Hostile Engagements Against Enemy Leaders' a Daily 1 time a day not repeatable. But thinking on doing that well PvP will become absolete won't it?

Other Players thoughts Please
Many people knew this was going to happen as soon as they added Fleet Marks into the PvP system. They should've left well enough alone.

It's ashame they are turning STO into a job, you either spend 12 hours online to make a living, or you pay to play. Almost getting as bad as TOR's F2P system.