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Possibly wrong forum.

In my opinion, its a fun event worth the reward because the only thing lost is time, which you are already losing anyway, relative to a game. BUT, since the Dilithium reward scales then seeing the bigger number did leave me with wanting more for the time spent. But on the face of it all, I liked it.
As for this being in the Wrong Forum I tried posting the Events Forum but it said I didn't have permissions to post there so I posted it here. And furthermore if they would like me to post in the correct place they need to acknowledge my request for said permissions were as I have been post on many different topics as of late.

Yeah I though was kinda worth the time really I only got 39 particles so I was unable to get the 2000 some odd Dilithium which was a bit of a let down. Hey thanks for your thoughts.
And as always have a good day or night

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