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Originally Posted by warbird001 View Post
The "F" should have never been in the game, Cryptic should have just kept the "E" as the Flagship of the Fleet under Captain Data. Shon is a completely forgettable and annoying character and he is not human either which is somewhat contradictory since all the Captain's of the Enterprise have been human.

The Odyssey itself is a monstrosity that should have never been allowed into the game. Cryptic just used some random fan design as a way to generate profit and to have it better then the iconic "Star Trek" ships such as the Galaxy Class and Sovereign Class was just insulting.

Like I said, its Star Trek's dirty little mistake and thankfully, if there ever is a series of Star Trek again on the TV... this ship will be completely forgotten about and replaced with a ship that actually follows the design linage of the ships that came before it.

This is why we should never have fanboi's thinking they can design ships.
1) Data is human? I must have missed the TNG episode/film where that change to him happened.

2) Given CBS approved the 1701-F design, has featured it in numerous blogs on Star; and allowed canon fiction about the ship in their official 'Star Trek' magazine; ikt remains to be seen what will happen with regard to the STO timeline of events, or the 1701-F should CBS decide to set a Star Trek series in the 'prime universe' again. But gtheir actions to date hardly indicate they are unhappy with the 1701-F's design.

3) I guess you forgot where Mike and Denise Okuda came from (IE they were longtime Star Trek 'fanbois' whose work was brought to the attention of Paramount - and got jobs working on Star Trek projects because of it.)
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