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Originally Posted by havam View Post
hmm i sense a trend away from all cannon builds/beamboats, towards beam/cannon/torp rainbows.

I was going to try out something along these lines, on the weekend, but didn't set my ships up for it out of habit i guess.
its complicated, in premades with insane healing, a BO is to much of a break in hard core presure to be beneficial, and your never going to see a hole in shields last for more then a split second so torps don't work there, the 4 DHC build is all thats reliable there.

in pugs, that closer spike from a BO or torp salvo works wonders, i constantly get unassisted kills just from a surprise cannon spike and well timed torp launch. you have to get used to lower score board numbers, your not a flying DPS hose anymore, your a sniper

Originally Posted by yreodred View Post
Althrough i agree to you when it comes to DHCs, i must say i really like Cannons, even Dual Cannons.
Combined with Rapid fire, single cannons + turrets unleash a almost steady beam, that looks very cool IMO.
On the other hand i just can't stand DHCs, i just hate that unsteady stuttering sound they make. Even i would fly a ship that could use them i would refuse to use them.
your gonna wanna get over that, DHCs are the only energy weapon that do anything. that gradual even damage you like anyone can just distribute their shields and that gradual damage will never hit hull, wile DHCs every fireing cycle obliterate a shield facing and deal direct hull damage.
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