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Originally Posted by unangbangkay View Post
Whatever the case, even Star Trek proper has a less than stellar record when it comes to consistency in terms. Remember when people were talking about the Defiant as the first "Warship" Starfleet ever built?


Assuming the Aquarius is an outlier (and it sure seems like it at least), a Destroyer is more like a KDF Raptor, i.e. with power but less maneuverability and slightly more size.

Why? Because some ships that can turn like escorts, like the Mobius, can be VERY tanky when their universal Boff slots and whatnot are taken into account.
True but STO has already bent Trek to more consistently apply terms but then dropped the consistency over the last year's worth of ships.

And when they drop the consistency, calls for DPS cruisers with cannons will only increase.