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03-01-2013, 01:10 PM
Voporak: Is everything ready?

One of the M.A.C.O.s: Yes captain.

Voporak: Anders, get ready to do anything you need to keep this ship in one piece. (more to himself) Hold onto your hats everyone, it's go time.

*The Black Phantom slips back to be facing the cylinder, guns at point blank range. The ship decloaks and opens fire on a section of hull with kinetic beams, ballistic weapons, and auto-remodulating energy weapons in an oval pattern. They aim to literally cut a hole into the interior of the cylinder.*

Voporak (to the boarding teams): Your energy weapons are on an automatically remodulating cycle for battling against the Borg. Use your machine guns on the synthesizer drones. Also, don't take a direct route to the viniculum. Go through a strange route to it. And the drones are not the only threat here, synthesizer chips are nasty little things, and I'm betting the inside is full of them. Be careful and watch out. *muffled rumble from outside as the ships pounds away with its weapons* Everyone onto the transporter pads. As soon as this ship can slip through we will be transporting inside.