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03-01-2013, 01:50 PM
Short term:
  • Allow selecting of categories of Accolades, so you can see more easily which ones you have and have yet to get (ie. to find out how far along for Arucanis Wanderer you are, you don't need to scroll down past 100 other entries of the commendation, damage, exploration, general etc)
  • Show how many other people are in the queue for PvE scenarios, or how long the expected wait to start will be
  • Fix it so the login screen shows the name of the ship you're actually in, not the shuttle you have readied but haven't used in months

Medium term:
  • Bring back ship weapons that have a (Borg) bonus effect! All the different damage types please, not just antiproton
  • Allow setting of crew uniforms, so when you visit your bridge the random NPCs wear that uniform, not just the BOffs
  • Scale the fleet starbase special projects to be within reach of smaller fleets. 200k Dilithium might not take fleets with 50+ members to reach, but for fleets with 10 or 20 members it would be easier to build towards 50k Dil

Long term:
  • Release 1 new lockbox per year at a regular time, and have re-releases of the old ones in the month beforehand
  • More STFs against enemies other than the Borg (currently 8 vs Borg, 1 vs Undine - more Undine STFs!)
  • Players not in fleets and who don't want to play in a fleet still want to get hold of fleet ships - let us pay latinum or dilithium instead of fleet credits for them, and not have to join a fleet just to raid the shipyard and leave again