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Originally Posted by lordhavelock View Post
You might consider checking the Federation Shipyards and/or the Character Builds and Powers subforums. Also, consider posting what you intend to do in your Wells... Do you PvP, PvE, do you run STFs? What class are you (Tac, Eng, or Sci)? What role are you looking for? Do you want to do Support, DPS, Healing, etc? You mention avoiding a Drain Build, is there anything else you don't like/want to do?

My current favorite character is a Sci running a CC/Debuff build in a Wells. Offense revolves around Romulan Plasma weapons (including a constant stream of plasma torpedoes), Grav Well, Tach Beam, Trac Beam, TB: Repulsor, and rotating copies of AP: Beta. She's got lots of little procs for debuffs/extra dmg and a nice crit chance too.

Chained Emergency Pwr to Shields, Aux to SIF, and 2x Haz Emitters are her primary defense (the latter I use to support teammates, of course). I've also stacked 3x -Threat consoles with the intent to remain unnoticed. And if I do get too much focus, I pop my T5 Romulan Rep power, Evasive Maneuvers, and rabbit away. That brief cloak tends to be enough to break aggro.

She's very fun to play. I only run in PvE/STFs, so I've no idea how well she'd run in PvP. If you're interested I'll post the details.
Hi, im a Sci Vulcan captain. i like to PVE and Stf
some times i want to do pvp if my clan ask me to, i want to be able to heal/support them.

so if you have a good pve build please, atm im using a torp build wells.