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Originally Posted by majortiraomega View Post
You misread my post. When a cloaked player has the virus they emit a glow fx even when cloaked at higher graphic levels. There is also the distinct virus sound fx when the player is within 18m of the virus runner. Elite and Heavy Tactical Drones do indeed see through player cloak on the elite difficulty. Testing this is simple, just shoot at one in Khitomer Accord Ground Elite. They will see you and they will shoot at you. And 20 tricorder scans stacked on the player? That would be at least -1000 stealth assuming all 20 science officers had 0 points in scientist. The most cloaking an operative tactical officer with the covert trait can get is 612 stealth with 9 points in special forces. A single science officer will decrease that stealth rating to 562, which is visible at about 8 meters. A science officer with 6 points in scientist will drop a stealth rating by 92, which would drop the stealth rating to 520. That cloaker will be visible up until about 25 meters. And with the halved walking speed, how are they going to outrun you? And lastly, with the AoE nature of tricorder scan, it is possible to detect cloakers even without targeting them directly.

I agree with some of that you have said. There needs to be a wider range of stealth detection abilities, similar to space. Perhaps changing tricorder scan and fire on my mark to work like charged particle burst in space. A hit from the ability disables cloak for the duration. The science ability damper field should disable any cloak abilities within the field. It's a damper field, it makes sense to disable cloak as well. For engineering, it would be nice to see a new kit ability like Tachyon Detection Grid. -100 stealth to all enemies within the 15 meter field of the generator. Lastly, target optics should have an area effect -50 stealth debuff (improved through skill points) similar to tricorder scan.

As for having no major drawbacks, I have to disagree with you there. The player cannot run from cloak and they walk much slower than a player not using stealth. It is impossible for a cloaked player to keep up with or outrun a decloaked player, making a detected stealth player very vulnerable. Disabling shields would be overkill.

On the matter of "no perfect stealth", again I disagree. Space combat has no stealth cap, and it is possible to build a bird of prey with perfect stealth. It is a playstyle, and as with ground cloak, there are a some very vocal players complaining about perfect stealth in space. In both space and ground it is possible to anticipate a perfect stealth player. The buff sequence sound effect is very distinct. As with space bird of prey, cloaked players need a distraction to be effective. In a 1v1 where the other player is aware of the cloaker, once they counter (Vascular regnerator, reroute power to shields, emergency shield capacator, distortion field, cortazine hypo, etc.) the alpha strike the cloaker has very few options. The same is true in space, a well timed tactical team and Emergency Power to Shields I will blunt the alpha, and that bird of prey will either run or die. The big difference between ground and space is the fact that space has a large number of counters. All it takes is one well placed charged particle burst and that perfect stealth build is out of cloak for 20 seconds.
A comparison between ground and space combat only goes so far.In space there isn't an expose/exploit system,a damage increase on flanking or attacks with 80% shield penetration.And I haven't even mentioned the one weapon that is just stupidly overpowered no matter who uses it.