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I agree. I checked back at the exchange today, non-fleet Mk XII AP weapons plainly do not exist anymore. Not a single one was on sale. Of the Mk XI weapons, 90% had [CritH][Acc][Dmg]. Other modifier varieties didn't seem to exist until 20M per weapon or so. I'm guessing those weapons come from fleet actions and from a very limited loot table.

I'm glad I still have my STF AP set on my main. But even those have less than ideal modifiers. And now AP is sadly no longer an option for new characters at all.
i just remembered; there are also antiproton weapons in the dil store, but the modifiers aren't the greatest, and they're a little pricy (though still better than what the fleet ones cost)

and of course, those are bound, so you can't sell them off if you buy the wrong one, unlike ones gotten from crafting (thanks for pointing that out marhawkman) or from lockboxes (which don't exist, but you get the point)
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