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03-01-2013, 02:53 PM
Not sure why someone would not want to play KDF. I started the game last week and am at level 22 Fed simply to be able to play KDF.

Now, I'm old-school. Back in EQ days, you used to grind mobs for three days to gain a level. You didn't get "quests" or missions. Open spot. Kill goblins. Level. Repeat. Sure, content would be great, and I'd love to see some KDF-specific missions.

But I'm not going to get all weepy if I have to do maurauding tasks or exploration missions to keep going on. I'm pretty sure there is nothing worse than leveling a bard from 30-60 in EQ that these designers can throw at me. The worst grind since was Wintersaber faction in vanilla WoW, but after EQ, it seemed pretty quick.

In fact, a nice sh*t sandwich might be what attracts me to the faction. *ponders*

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