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Originally Posted by kazapsky View Post
The Borg used tractor beams offensively on a regular basis throughout canon to paralyze targets, strip away shields, and just flat-out rip ships apart.

The Defiant used a modded tractor beam in a defensive maneuver to futz with a Klingon cruiser's targetting systems.

And I've seen more than one instance of ships using tractor beams to slingshot objects.

If anything, we should have a BOff ability that uses a tractor beam to fling stuff at a targeted enemy.
The Borg are decidedly an exception. Their tractor beams have always functioned differently from any other.

The only times we've seen tractors used in Combat were in TNG, when the Enterprise grabbed the Stargazer mid-Picard Manuever (the Battle), and one occasion when the Defiant grabbed a Vor'cha class cruiser, distorting it's targeting and hindering (not stopping) it's manueverability (I think the episode is The Way of the Warrior).

In neither case did the tractor do damage or drain shields. They're also VERY short range.

Then we get STO where every enemy is using them constantly, doing titanic hull damage, and completely stopping ships dead in space. It's not appropriate.

If they're going to be so ubiquitous, they need to be made very short range and they need to not do damage anymore (though, I would be in favour of the Borg version being longer range and doing SHIELD damage, as in the shows).
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