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03-01-2013, 03:08 PM
  • For those who march under the raptor's wing (original slogan)
  • Our shadow will dim the stars (new slogan)
  • Picture of Romulan ships invading (new promo picture, mouse-over)

I'm thinking we will be getting STF-like content themed to new romulus and tal-shiar friction. Maybe we get to pick a side and play some sort of mini-factions. But a fully fleshed Romulan faction? Don't think so. It was said that it will show the way additional factions will be added to the game, like cardassian, etc. If we were getting a full faction, how would it be different from Feds and KDF?

I rather hope for some content themed to Romulus and be surprised of faction content, but I won't hold my breath