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03-01-2013, 04:09 PM
Short Term
IF Red ALert is done (i.e. failed or complete) It WILL NOT show up for other players to warp in and comes into an empty fight and have to warp out. I notice that when flying around and suddenly I see "Red Alert" (after zoning in and flying toward something in the middle of the map like DS9) Red alert pop up and I zone in to an empty event.

I would like DoFF mission to display which one I'm currently not "max level" I hate to keep flipping screens

Mid Term
It would be nice to have an option to "pre-load" the next job with commodities. while it is awesome to "queue" your rep, but it doesn't auto complete and the next one doesn't really load up. So why have a "queue up" function?

Long Term
Update crafting - It should be more "robust" instead of specific item. It would be cool if I can open an UI and choose my basic [damage type] + [Weapon type] + [Weapon Grade] + [Modifier] This will give me what is needed (materials already exist in game) now I can extra damage type (like [Phased] [Polaron]) but it will cost EXTRA Dil or whatever) I can also add upto x3 modifier. so I can choose [DMG] [DMG] [CTH] (extra will cost Dil)

Once I hit assemble, it has a chance to create "very rare" version (lets say 1%) so 80% green 19% blue and 1% purple.
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