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03-01-2013, 04:12 PM
I love threads like this.

I've gone for mostly the First Contact uniforms, since those are my favourite and it just helps add to the Trek feel of the game. On saying that, I have made some alterations.

Standard uniform: male varient

The belt colour matches their department shirt colour (red/blue/gold). Captain is the only one with the black belt, cos he's the captain.

Standard uniform: Female varient

Crew are free to choose themselves if they want to wear a skirt (skirt stripes match department colour) or trousers on ship. Away Teams must be in trousers though. I would have the DS9 admiral belt on to match, but it's too high for my liking. Males can wear skirts if they want, I don't discriminate on my ship.

Special Uniforms:

Left: Medical. At the request of Doctor Entra (shown), medical staff wear a less formal uniform, to help put patients at ease while they are being treated.
Centre: Engineering technicians. For those jobs when you need alot of pockets.
Right: Tactical Response Team (TRT). A special strike force, deployed for heavy tactical operations (The Sentinel's version of MACO).


Left: Diplomatic Uniform. Usually wears a Tegolar Sword sheathed at the hip (obviously this is often removed at diplomatic functions).
Right: Fleet uniform.

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