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it couldn't be a full faction like the federation, that would start a war. maybe the march date is when the faction hits, but in very limited form. then may will be a major content update to both romulan and klingon.

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What if the Iconians have technology that allows them to warp space time and they cut a deal with Sela to bring back Romulus has it was before it was destroyed provided that the Romulans serve them till death.

It would explain how a race that is now and endangered species would be able to make such qotes has " Our Shadows will block out the stars"
that would be super cool. i'd love to go to the romulan capitol undercover, to investigate nero, and eventually stop him, thus restoring the timeline and erasing jar jar abrams from history.

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I'd like Romulan monster play where you buy to play as a Romulan faction with a minimal storyline, with the main fun being PVP against fleet starbases as an absurdly overpowered Scimitar protected by an attendant Romulan fleet, vs combined Starfleet/KDF defending fleet, because the situation is so dire..

...or something Iconian.
thats an interesting thought. it just made me realize that being able to play as a super over powered killing machine against groups would actually solve the problem of getting super op ships in game. we could totally fly a scimitar or even a cube, and fight players as long as its not 1 on 1. when we fight a cube in an stf, it's 5v1, so maybe we could have new pvp stf's where it's like 3 cubes vs 10 normal ships.
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