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03-01-2013, 03:30 PM
Originally Posted by mattgrant View Post
"Server Not Responding" is the message I am treated to repeatedly. In essence, the latency is such that I might as well be trying to access wifi from an underground bunker. As it stands I am spending more time watching a frozen screen and relogging than actually playing the game.

This isn't on my end, either. I have a really fast internet connection and the only problem I am running into is with STO. Is this the state of the game for everyone? I hope not and would really like to figure out how to fix this.
"Fast internet connection" has nothing to do with the issue, as your connection speed is only as good as your ISP's infrastructure, and many times, data packets travel segments which neither your ISP nor Cryptic/PWE control.

Try running the tests outlined in the sticky titled "Diagnosing Lag and Rubberbanding" (which I have the link in my sig provided).

It won't solve your issue instantly but it will provide a baseline that the more tech-savvy members of the community can take a look at and offer suggestions.
Lagging, D/Cing, or rubberbanding? Here's some help.

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