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03-01-2013, 03:38 PM
I'm not going to say it's just for STF content alone. But I would like to think it's a part of the big picture in the update. Many people talk about the existing content and bugs, even in my fleet we talk about how many aspects of this game could do with a revamp and the UI could do with a major update. I'm happy to have a little patience and have Cryptic make strong progress and focus on what they've got before they start adding a great deal more that could then end up with many problems.

More depth could be added to the 3 classes, so everyone can specialise into some kind of sub-class system. More customisation and control over the Fleet interface / starbase etc. The list goes on and on with what existing content needs updating, which would result in providing us with a solid game that provides a real Star Trek experience.

I'm use to playing MMO's that on average release some major new content every 6 months while tweaking everything they currently have in between and perfecting it. So if the Romulan faction wasn't to be added this year, I don't believe it'd be another failure on Cryptic's part as long as they don't stop trying to improve the Star Trek experience for all players. You only fail when you give up IMO and I'd rather wait for more factions and have Cryptic deliver us a ST game we can truly be proud of..... this game has almost infinite potential, we just have to hope that Cryptic can deliver.