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Originally Posted by voxinvictus View Post
Words can't describe what a terrible "theory" this is.
You can try very hard, though! Just reach down, deep within yourself! I believe in you!

But in all seriousness, odds are, this really is the countdown to Cryptic announcing official plans to create a Romulan faction.
It's not gonna be a Romulan lockbox: various devs, including Dan Stahl himself, have said that they aren't going to release any Romulan ships in lockboxes so as to not subtract from their already small ship list for whenever they get to making them as a player faction.
It could be a new Romulan FE or a continuation of the Sela/Iconian storyline... but the odds of it being yet another Romulan-themed FE series are slim.
Considering that we just got a big ol' Romulan-centric sector of space, coupled with hints dropped here and there, I'll bet it really is a Romulan faction announcement.
Even the pic from the teaser site in the photo gallery is titled, "Will You march?". It's asking you, the player, a question. The question being, "Are you guys ready to play as Romulans?"
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