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03-01-2013, 04:00 PM
Just don't have the manpower to have cranked up a RSE faction with its own BOFF's, DOFF's rep additions, ships, costumes etc and then some unless they've been working on it in bits and pieces for a number of months now.

No doubt there's been some ground work done, but I just don't see where they've had the time and resource to do it any sort of justice since the purchase by PWI, and change over to a mixed P2P/F2P revenue generation system.

The KDF getting filled out is how ever both resonable and very do able. That would mostly require tutorial content to permit new players to start STO play as KDF, and mission content to level up with. The current use of recycled FE's to level with was, and is just a stop gap that happened with the "Free to Play" transition, and just to streamline the KDF levelling experience. Remember there really is only a bare handfull of actuall KDF mission content to level with. Fortunatly most of the assets needed to create any KDF content all ready in game. It just needs to get done. Once the KDF is set up for a new player to come in and dig right in as a player character, the way is paved for further, better development of PvP. Faction player characters would come up sufficient to provide the number of players needed to make persistant territorial PvP a do-able reality. Get some war going in that fictional UFP v Klingon war which we hear so much about and see so little of. With out other faction that have a complete experience to attract incoming player (and the typical faction loyalty that happens in a MMORPG..yes, that is what STO is supposed to be)
PvP is never going to be more then a little arena mini game for people to get epeen on.

Personally, I think that stinks. It can be so very much more. ANd it brings in a place to add a core faction rep/reward system to encourage it.... and of course the resultant revenue that could be gained.. (ehm, had to mention filthy ludre.. hey, STO is a commercial product.. they didn't make all of this as a labor of love.. thats just a bonus.)

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