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03-01-2013, 05:05 PM
Waits for the inevitable "What about Klingons?" rage posts.
Excuse me? What rage is that exactly? Its not going to be a romulan faction. However if it was cryptic would have some serious explaining to do, given all these claims of not having the resources to do anything for the KDF. So where exactly would those resources have come from and how is it they could get a third faction into the game so quickly, yet be unable to do squat with the KDF?

Explain that one

It's probably 19 days until some kind of big news gets announced.
Then thats a very odd way to go about doing an announcement. Its deceptive to say the least. Not to mention extremely confusing

My gut tells me Romulan Faction. My logical brain tells me Featured Series.

If I had to choose, I'd put my money on a Faction.
Then your gut needs a serious realignment. See previous statement above.

I don't, Consider what recently happened on the forum, while bug fixes and more KDF content would be good. So would the Rommies
Abandoning one faction to do a half assed attempt at a third when the second isn't even close to being anything resembling being in a good place is not a good thing. especially after years of being told they didn't even have the resources or time to work on the second faction. if by some bizzare chance it really was a romulan faction, its proof beyond doubt that we've been lied to in a major major way, straight to our faces, for three straight years