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Originally Posted by naevius View Post
Actually, rainbow builds do about two thirds to half the damage a single energy type build would do, depending on how many tac consoles your ship has.

Weapon damage is calculated thusly

Base +
Rarity Mod (2.5% per)
Mark Mod (10% per)
Skill Mod (99% total)

So for a beam array at base 100 damage let us make it mark 12 ultra rare maxed skills we have this:

100+10+120+99 = 329 before consoles. A purple Mk 12 specific console adds 30 to that number per, a generic adds 20.

So your looking at a 10 damage difference per console, lets go 5 console ship for kicks.

479 vs 409 for your base damage which is then modified by weapon power and all other multiplicative things.

So you see, even on a 5 console ship it is more like a 15% difference in the end. Hardly as big of a deal as many seem to think.