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[I like this! Especially the section between the lights going on and off. That was really well done to involve the reader in the moment. And the casting is awesome ]
Thanks Did you mean the piece where S'rR's is reassuring herself that she's actually awake, or the transition between the dream and waking worlds? I wanted to try and contrast the realization that she was definitely awake, against the slightly surreal reality-bending quality that dreams can have, and how things like a numb arm can filter through into a dream. The question, is was that actually just a nightmare, or was Alix actually communicating to her in the dream state, and actively trying to scare her out of the castle? Something else I wanted to convey, was how dramatically S'rR's was 'regressing' in her isolation, ie scraping herself clean rather than bathing properly, and probably not far from going totally Miss Havisham

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