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03-01-2013, 05:39 PM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Can you imagine a game that had a Capture The Flag map where the Flag Runner was allowed to be completely invisible with no max duration?

I can't. So I removed it from STO today.

Players in possession of the Virus on Shanty Town will find themselves unable to activate Stealth abilities until they get rid of the Virus. Or die.

I'm hoping this change makes it to Tribble this week.
HORRIBLE CALL!!! Why don't you guys fix the millions of tickets that go unnoticed in GM rather than FIXING the so called exploits...after 3 years of STO....finally you realized it was an exploit? wow what a new revelation? ...who was complaining about it...I do lots of ground PvPs and never once bothered me a bit. When its something that creates FUN for my PvP player's brothers why bother and nerf the same token why dont you nerf the Cloaking device of every BOP in PvP? That is an exploit since they are firing while cloak at times or they just dissappear from the map altogether...when it's this gonna stop?

I totally agree with the OP...there are many tools that can be used to fix that exploit as they might call it and to calm down those who complain...instead of making the majority suffer...
Please leave players alone to have fun. Focus on real fixes for KDF faction instead...perhaps you will stop when all you have from your player base is whinners who don't pay your bills and this will be a an empty house of BS

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