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Originally Posted by mwgacy1 View Post
No, what I'm saying is this. For an Escort to have a chance at killing anything it'll have to use most, if not all, of its primary damage buffs to penetrate the defences of another (competent) player. Without those damage buffs the DHCs will be doing little, the buffs are required.
That alone doesn't scream a problem to you? "The problem? It's not optional. It's not if I don't have it I'll suffer for it, but be ok because I have all these other shiny options to choose from. It's taking both to extremes and choking everything else out"

For a Tric' mine to kill anything the way they were before they required no skill at all on the part of the player, just use the dispersal pattern, drop the mine and you're done.

My argument is this: the Escort is using many of its BOff and Captain abilities to get a kill, as well as the players personal skill. The Mines were cheap one shots with no skill or effort involved at all. If someone skilled was to use them, they just became even worse. One of those is the result of a good build and skill, the other isn't. Can you guess which is which?
That I will contest. I used tricobolt mines on my Kar'Fi just to match the theme of the frigates. It required planning to get close to a player, and get them to stay within range of the mines once deploy long enough to arm. Then they still have a good number of options to swat or escape the mines. Their bane was they couldn't be stopped or escaped. It was players didn't know how or see them. For being a cheap shot it's hit rate was pretty low. Even with four frigates helping me drop them right on top of someone.

Cannons on the other hand? Require only hit and run tactics with everything bound to a easily spammed key bind. Moving on though...

A full volley from a CRF buffed DHC escort will hit over 8 seconds or so giving you more than enough time to react, as well as for your buffs, both those that provide a heal and those providing resistance, to help you. A one shot from a mine doesn't. [...] No, the difference is that one can be resisted using the abilities available to you in game, the other is a cheap shot.
That was understood a while ago.

8seconds you say? three problems. First, People in PvP had a nasty habit of parking right next to big slow ships. Second, that assumes I have nothing better to do then watch every possible attack vector. Third, the battle is over long before those 8 seconds are up. Not even remotely the original point anyway.

Tricobolt was nerfed sheerly on the basis it was possible to abuse them to do absurd damage. (Ignoring the methods that were used to abuse them...)

It's actually been standard practice to do likewise practically unsurvivable absurd damage with HDC. Yet, they remain untouched.



What lies implicit, but not spoken was not that there are all these defense you keep telling me about. It's that you need them to survive and that it's become a game of extremes. There is no middle ground. The middle ground is a smoking crater and firmly a causality. By nerfing tricobolt they have deemed extremes bad, but left the others untouched. Why?

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