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03-01-2013, 05:14 PM
Interesting analysis, but are you sure about that order, I would expect it to be more like:

(base + rarity + mark) * (1+console mod) * (power value) * (active bonuses)

not sure where skill is in that equation, of course power value and active bonuses are a constant for this but...

Perhaps someone could test this by tooltip checks same: weapon power, no active bonuses
post results with different console mod and different mark/rarity:

EG: MK X white, no console
MK X white, 1 console
MK XI white, no console
... MK XI Green ....
MK XI Blue

or post a link to similar testing, or a dev post explaining the formula etc.

I'd like to see some proven raw maths rather than just: it works like this.

tl;dr Source on that formula please