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Jacob doesn't take his eyes off of. the chart on the screen. He stands there in his grey and blue battle uniform. It has light body armor built into it customized by Jacob himself.

Jacob: what is it you really want. I know its not to come here and have idle chat.
Gyunei: Sure it is.. You think I had knowledge of what the Senator was doing with the inmates... Turns out people do horrible things in the name of science... and advancement of humans and lifeforms of all kinds. Newtypes to them are a tool like everything else. They do not believe the theory of why we Newtypes exist... Just a means to an end.. Hence what I am.. a means to an end...

Me and you still have things to settle. I am sure you knew what kinds of experiments they were running.. How about you ask Emris what they were... What the galactic powers secretly wanted to happen...

They wanted to circumvent the New way of thought and still maintain the status quo... even if it was over a century old and decadent... Preston was what they thought a mere tip of the Iceberg but think of what Nature will do to compensate..