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03-01-2013, 06:12 PM
Reason why tric mines had to be nerfed some is that while they didn't seem op for average people, they could get ridiculously high damage numbers from tacs fully specced into both projectile skills and running all purple tric mines with crit mods and purple tric consoles. I was regularly hitting for over 200k per mine on crits, and when 1 crits they all crit. I even got up to almost 300k per mine before on a crit before against Donatra on elite. Thats almost 1.2 million damage, it almost 1 shotted her.

You can't do nearly the same kind of damage with DHC.

Now only people that have tacs with full projectile spec will be able to do decent damage with these mines, and even then it almost never 1 shots cubes, and sometimes players are able to survive multiple mine hits. I think a nerf might have been needed, but perhaps they went a little too far and should find a middle ground between how they perform now and before the nerf. It should be super high damage, but not enough to 1 shot a boss on elite or get close to doing it.