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# 1 Help with escort build
03-01-2013, 07:18 PM
Hi guys, I'm trying to find the best build for my tactical escort refit. I've heard of people etting 6,000 DPS, but I did some math a calculator, adding up the DPS from each weapon and it only came out to around 2000. So I figured I must be missing something. Here's my build at the moment...

Fore Weapons:
~3x phased Polaron Dual Heavy Cannons [acc] [crth]
~Rapid reload transphasic torpedo launcher Mk XI

Aft weapons:
~3x Phased polaron turret Mk XI [acc] [crth]

Engines, Shields and deflector:
~Jem'Hadar set

Engineering Consoles:
~2x Monotanium Alloy Mk XI (rare)
~Electro-ceramic hull plating Mk XI

Science Consoles:
~Emitter array Mk X
~Shield emitter amplifier Mk XI

Tactical Consoles:
~ 3x Polaron phase modulator Mk XII
~Universal console-Cloaking device

I'm a tactical officer, and have my bridge officers trained in tactical teams, rapid fire cannons, reverse shield polarity, emergency power to shields, hazard emitters, Transfer shield strength, and torpedo spread.

Any Ideas? I've thought about getting antiproton cannons, but they're pretty expensive and their stats don't seem to justify the price.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks