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Just... bringing back Romulus, for the sole purpose of having a staging ground for a Romulan faction, stomps all over several potential plot points in favor of the same tired ones from the pre-JJ static Prime universe, with a few spins in the form of New Romulus and Iconian involvement. It's not all that different from the infamous "Death of Superman"; what started as a powerful action, the death of an incredibly iconic character, turned into a farce when they just resurrected him four issues later. That event it credited as killing death in comics. Frankly, I find that idea unappealing.
Maybe, but just because the Iconians abducted Romulus doesn't mean they're going to give it back. Perhaps the Romulan/Iconian alliance goes sour and they go against the Iconians and try to get their homeworld back. That could justify a romulan faction.