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Originally Posted by azniadeet View Post
What if we got Mirror Romulus tied into this all somehow... you know... with Tholians and the like?
Hey, maybe the Romulan ships in the teaser are Mirror Romulans for all we know

And jexsamx, I never said anything about bringing Romulus back I was thinking more along the lines of we find out the Iconians swapped Romulus with a proxy (which was destroyed), we try and find out more about why and how, and perhaps even find the original on the other side of the galaxy through a gateway XD But even if not, we deal a blow to the Iconians anyway.

This will heal the Romulans a bit, and maybe strengthen relations just a bit, but they'll continue as normal, sorta. After all, time traveling to stop this from happening would null JJ's Trek... which I doubt CBS would approve of.
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