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03-01-2013, 08:41 PM
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In all honesty, who here can say they would play this game if it wasn't star trek, instead having to stand purely on its own merits. I'm not talking about story lines here, as they are of course inseparable from the star trek theme. I'm talking about all the none star trek elements, which are vital to a truly successful mmo.
I do. Before starting to play STO, I only watched 2-3 ST movies. And only remember first contact.

Banks: I have in the past moved items from account storage, only to have a wait so long, i made a cup of coffee and returned to my PC before the item finally transferred. This is not lag related, my latency is always very low, and lag is not a factor for me in any other mmo.
It is. Lots of people use the bank, the bank lag. It's server side.

Not saying this game is fine and don't need improvement.