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# 1 Looking for a Propper fleet,
03-01-2013, 08:46 PM
Good day,

I am a Representative of a small group of players that are currently a member of a Fleet but as it stands we are currently unhappy with our home.

We are a group that very much belong to a type of player of a particular mindset and while that mindset might not always be needed nor prevalent in this game, We would feel much more at home if we indeed could join a group like this.

We consider our selves Skilled players, Developed players, Perhaps even elitist players, Not as a representation of progression or status but as a form of mindset of always wanting to preform the very best we can and improve in areas that we can.
As such aspects such as Constructive criticism and continued personal development is close at heart.

What we can offer is the following.

- Skilled and Experienced MMO Veterans
- Entertaining and Iluminating personalities
- Humor
- pew pew

note We are not joining as a clique we intend to fully assimilate in to your Fleet.

What we seek is the following.

A group of players that strive to be the very best they can, A group of players that shares the same aspirations of having a great time through success.

A group of players that is mature In nature but not the extend of semi profane language being cause for dismissal, We are joining a Fleet, not Sunday school.

If you should wish to Suggest your group of players to us, Merely post a post here or send me a PM with contact information and I will get back to you.

Warmest Regards.