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10-15-2009, 01:59 PM
Originally Posted by Balerous View Post
Perhaps to satisfy board readers whose focus is outside of a vessel's offensive and defensive capabilities, you could state both the non combat and combat roles. This would serve to sooth concerns of some over the current developmental focus on combat. Personally, for a science vessel I would prefer not to see something like:

Combat Primary Role: Limited.
Combat Special: Immediate destruction.

HAHAHAHAHAHA. That, I enjoyed. And you make an excellent point, sir. I'm also inclined to satiate my love for exploration and non combat related content in the game. And to all those about to rant about how it's a game and it should appeal to the masses, spare me. This is a game for Trek fans. You want to just shoot things, you can do that in this game but you should also be able to JUST explore and enjoy the scenery. So Cryptic should be informing us of that as well.

Activate special weapon! Why? So our debris can leave nasty scratch marks on their hull!

HAHA. Brilliant, dude.