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03-01-2013, 08:39 PM
Originally Posted by jake81499 View Post
Having to put up with Rainbow/Technicolor boats pretty much daily in assorted STF's, I would have to say Numbers Shnumbers. First hand views say Rainbow/Technicolor weapons are pathetically weak regardless of the math. Sure they can be beefed up a little in the hands of someone who really knows how to build a ship but they still can't out do the single weapons type boats.

If you insist on running rainbows, good luck. You'll need it.
That's like saying 4 tac console escorts can't out do the 5 tac console ones.

Look I'm not saying they are good or disputing that morons mostly fly them. I'm just saying it gets harped on far too heavily compared to other things that are mathematically similar in their under performance.