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# 1656 Daja vu
03-01-2013, 08:59 PM
Why me I say? Why me?

There I was.

Today, CSN.

I pug in and say 'hi'.

One response.

I'm trying hard to get a XII shield so I'm doing as many pugs STF missions as I can. I just need the shield to complete a set, no other reason.

I fly off to the right, nobody follows.

I start on the nodes.

No help.

All four of the other ships are at the Kang.

I start on the cube.

Optional fails.

I say (again), 'your kidding right? What we got at the Kang a bunch of rainbow boats?'

I finish the cube, still no help.

I fly by the Kang while heading to the center cube.

Sure enough, FOUR Rainbow/Technicolor boats at the Kang.

Oh goody.

I finish cube 2 and fly to the Kang.

It's at 5% so I send it a heal and finish off the spawn.

I hurry over the cube 3 and finish it off real quick with no help.

Next I rush back to the Kang and hail it while passing by three spawn.

I just set and watch.

About two minutes later I get bored and fly back and kill the spawn.

The carrier comes up.

Two of the Rainbow/Technicolor boats were infatuated with the BOPs and the other two were just too weak to be of much help.

The carrier finally dies.

I type, 'lose the rainbow weapons'

Someone say, 'FU'

Ignorance is bliss.