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03-01-2013, 09:10 PM
its not that the bugs exist, any game can have bugs, its that they are left unfixed. there are bugs that have been around 6 months+, in some cases, game breaking bugs.

I find it hard to see the logic to leaving bugs like the jem bug ship imbalances, fleet logs being incomplete, lag, consoles u have to inch around on to be able to use, the exchange and its, at times, very odd behavior when searching, various boff bugs, such as very rare gorn not having the same quality of skills as other races of commensurate quality, or outfit on X boff type not working. chat channels going missing.

"but", say cryptic, "lets prioritizes making these novelty balloons that add very little to the game, then lets realize we didn't make them right, and prioritize a bug fix for the balloons", while of course, leaving all of the above long standing, and far more important bugs.

If anyone can explain to me why fixing the balloons sizing was more important than fixing some of the other bugs mentioned, and how it made the game better as compared to if one of the other bugs had been fixed, I'll hail you a genius.

Note, the lag some players were experiencing when a large number of balloons were on screen already had the solution of actually setting your graphical options correctly, so was not a game bug.