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03-01-2013, 09:11 PM
Two big things have killed tacs in anything but escorts.

1) Suck-tastic beams, which its not that they became worse it is that passive defense has become so insanely high it is burst or bust.
2) Neutering of nearly every Sci ability that Tac abilities work with.

That said their are two things (still gimmicky) that might be interesting with a TAC.

1) DEM cannon cruiser. Goal is to ignore shields and hit GDF at the right time paired with a nasty Alpha and Omega and shred the hull before the enemy notices. Relying on a bad opponent is likely not a good idea. Excel would be my choice here.

2) Sensor Analysis + Tric Mines. When you get enough things multiplying these may still be capable of one shots but the lower rank dispersal pattern will hurt. On second thought this is a bad idea.

Basically for PuGing and having fun go for it, if your serious about performance in a well built team good luck.