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03-01-2013, 09:28 PM
Originally Posted by bonwatnam View Post
If anyone can explain to me why fixing the balloons sizing was more important than fixing some of the other bugs mentioned, and how it made the game better as compared to if one of the other bugs had been fixed, I'll hail you a genius.

Note, the lag some players were experiencing when a large number of balloons were on screen already had the solution of actually setting your graphical options correctly, so was not a game bug.
Setting aside your other arguments, some people were using the huge balloons to actively 'grief' other players by blocking necessary doorways (e.g. transporter room doorways on Qo'noS). That was also probably a very easy fix - just resetting the maximum value on a line of code.

In regard to graphical options, I know some players who had to reduce their graphics settings to be rid of the balloons, whether because of lag or simply sheer annoyance, while they were running the game fine in every other instance on their previous, higher, graphics settings. Players shouldn't have to view the game at a lower quality because, again, some people chose to use the balloons as a griefing tool.