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03-01-2013, 10:05 PM
Originally Posted by darkkindness2 View Post
Setting aside your other arguments, some people were using the huge balloons to actively 'grief' other players by blocking necessary doorways (e.g. transporter room doorways on Qo'noS). That was also probably a very easy fix - just resetting the maximum value on a line of code.

In regard to graphical options, I know some players who had to reduce their graphics settings to be rid of the balloons, whether because of lag or simply sheer annoyance, while they were running the game fine in every other instance on their previous, higher, graphics settings. Players shouldn't have to view the game at a lower quality because, again, some people chose to use the balloons as a griefing tool.
Hence my earlier point about ill thought out implementation. The balloon are just a symptom of this. Your correct that cryptic shouldn't add novelty objects that can have a serious and negative effect on player enjoyment. and should have put sensible limits on their usage, prior to adding to the game.

However, not being able to chat with fleet, or on custom channels randomly, or teams being split up in queues, or not being able to copy mail text, or search the exchange reliably, or use the base as a gathering point for teaming (as when u leave what ever u were doing, you don't return to your base), is griefing me, and no amount of option changing or switching instances fixes these issues, unlike the balloons both pre and post fix.