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03-01-2013, 11:24 PM
Even if it were some generic science fiction MMO, I'd probably still be playing it. It's the only one I've ever come across the have a learning curve to reward effort and practice, but still be simple enough for a casual gamer to get into and gear up in. It being Star Trek is merely icing on the cake, and very delicious icing at that.

The PvP is fun in both space and on the ground, offering a rarely seen dynamic. If you get sick of one playstyle, you can switch ships, switch careers, go from space to ground, switch it up there, use all sorts of (marginally but still) effective parlor trick weapons, then go back to space when you get bored of ground.

The only thing this game lacks for me is challenging PvE AI. The most "difficult" things spam you with unfair abilities (cough cough d'deridex warships) or oneshot you like they don't care.

I haven't had many problems with the chat system. It could use some work, but it's functional. Fleets do need more security options, logging abilities, etc.

Regarding the larger balloons, they were not really the problem, it's the number of balloons. The larger balloons have the same amount of polygons as the smaller ones, they're just scaled up in size. More polygons = more cpu load, which is what caused the lag. They aren't physically solid so they can't block access to certain areas, though it is funnily annoying to open a door and have a torrent of balloons explode out at you.

Oh yeah, the exchange annoys me too, my items almost never get listed. I basically use it as bank space >_>
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