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03-01-2013, 10:31 PM
I like the idea but I feel like it should not be universally applied.

Cruiser must stay the same, especially with the bigger ones like the Odyssey.
The amount of pitch/roll allowed will increase at Sci-ships, escorts, then shuttles, then fighters.

It should also not be a sudden update and BAM it's here. I feel like it should be worked into a reputation system somehow where players will gradually earn more maneuverability with the final tire 5 awards being shooter mode in space for small-crafts, escorts, and select sci-ships. For the cruisers and most sci-ships, they'll gain some other abilities to balance things out, like manual targeting of beam arrays while your other weapons fires at a locked target.

There should definitely be no upsidedown ships, 85 degree max, just for the sake of visuals.
Also, while strafing would be fun, it should only be limited to one class of fighter per faction.