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03-01-2013, 10:33 PM
Originally Posted by bonwatnam View Post
Hence my earlier point about ill thought out implementation. The balloon are just a symptom of this. Your correct that cryptic shouldn't add novelty objects that can have a serious and negative effect on player enjoyment. and should have put sensible limits on their usage, prior to adding to the game.

However, not being able to chat with fleet, or on custom channels randomly, or teams being split up in queues, or not being able to copy mail text, or search the exchange reliably, or use the base as a gathering point for teaming (as when u leave what ever u were doing, you don't return to your base), is griefing me, and no amount of option changing or switching instances fixes these issues, unlike the balloons both pre and post fix.
Again we hit the difficulty of replicating and tracking down what causes these bugs.

The balloon fix was a simple fix, they knew what was causing the problem and where the code to fix it was.

The other bugs you mentioned are random and difficult for the devs to replicate to track them down, or are not bugs and currently WAI. This makes them harder to track down and fix. (please note that the WAI is referring to you not going back to your starbase when you leave what you're doing, this is because the Starbase is a private instance and it takes you back to the last public instanced location you were in.)