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03-01-2013, 10:52 PM
Originally Posted by bluedarky View Post
Again we hit the difficulty of replicating and tracking down what causes these bugs.

The balloon fix was a simple fix, they knew what was causing the problem and where the code to fix it was.

The other bugs you mentioned are random and difficult for the devs to replicate to track them down, or are not bugs and currently WAI. This makes them harder to track down and fix. (please note that the WAI is referring to you not going back to your starbase when you leave what you're doing, this is because the Starbase is a private instance and it takes you back to the last public instanced location you were in.)
I can replicate many of these bugs repeatedly, and in some cases, with 100% reliability, so replication and tracking should not be an issue in those cases (mostly the chat bugs). Also, fleet bases were billed as being a new social map for fleets, a social map that disappears, and worse, disperses ppl who were there is next to useless as a social space, regardless of what other assets are available there.

and finding the code that governs console interaction hot spot size and alignment shouldn't be beyond any competent programmer, given its one of the central systems to the game.

This game is full of great ideas that are poorly implemented. its also full of long standing bugs, gimmicks that cause issues, and major imbalances. It should be so much better.