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03-01-2013, 11:12 PM
Hey qemistgai,

My username is Mikester92 and I am a senior administrator and Admiral over at the United Federation of Planets, or {UFP}. You can visit our website here:

Founded over a decade ago for Star Trek: Bridge Commander, the UFP has evolved into one of the most stable and veteran Star Trek gaming clans in active service.

Through 10+ years of gaming, the UFP has grown into a community with its own 100% original LCARS site, teamspeak server, KDF faction, magazine, medals, administrators, graphics team, and engineering team which together ensure this community's continued positive growth. With close to 700 active members signing Roll Call and visiting our website we take this responsibility to service very seriously; the last thing we'd want to do is waste anyone's time. We attribute this outlook to our success.

As skilled and developed players I think you'll find yourself a good home with us. Just recently in December we opened our newest division - the Elite Strike Force. Although our fleet accepts casual and hardcore players alike this closed division, which accepts applications, is tailored for those looking to play among the best of the best.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.