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03-02-2013, 12:13 AM
Short Term

1) Allow more Dil to be converted daily.
2) Fix the rate at which worth while drops come from the lock boxes.
3) Grant lifetime subscribers the ability to purchase items that haven't been available since before they started playing. For example if someone just started playing and paid for a lifetime subscription ($300 which isn't cheap) give them someplace that they can purchase such items. Maybe via the lobi store.

Mid Term

1) Fix the Dreadnaught Cruiser, please. Give it a Fleet variation or something to make worth the $2500 zen that it cost. Taking a second look at some of the other pay to play ships would be nice also.
2) Do we really need 5, yes 5 (unless I am missing some) separate currencies? I realize that it grants an extra method to keep the prices higher on some items as they can be regulated easier but hey dont make things too difficult or they become a waste of time.
3) Fix the creation portion of the game. If we are going to have to pay insane amount of Dil to make mediocre items then that takes away from an aspect of the game that some people (more than you might think) will stop using simply because the rewards no longer warrant the cost of using such a system.


1) I would love to see the upgrade to the fleet level ships in the aspect that the player could create ships with whatever they wish. Should it be expensive? Damn straight it should but then it would justify spending upwards of $25 on a single ship just in fleet modules. This system would be a major expansion in itself having to implement a complete breakdown in a logical method how star ships are made. Could it create very powerful ships? Yes it could but lets face it, if a group, the federation for instance, just went completely over the top in ever aspect of ship building what could they accomplish? Well as we can see they can accomplish quite a lot. This would be the same with a complete build your own ship type creation system. Not only would you be able to choose every aspect of the functionality of your ship but also what it looked like. Since the game is essentually a bunch of freelance type ship owners this would be the next logical choice in the evolutionary step in personalizing your ships. Keep in mind from a story perspective this system is already in place.
2) Along with being able to customize your ships, why not the consoles, weapons deflectors, shields and engines? Limit everything to the existing levels that are currently in game and I would probably not allow set creation, at least initially. This would further the personalizing of the ship to the individual. Your would have to go every single prtion of a ship to create it and would take some time to go through all of the various aspects to decide upon while creating it, like the extra features like: Can equip cannons or +5 to all subsystems and things like that. You could even allow something special like give it the ability to count as another type of ship that can use special consoles. Keep in mind this will require large amounts of the various currencies to be spent on such ships and taken out of the game to do so. As a side effect this would allow a more stable economy to take over and less ability to fluctuate wildly.
3) Create a third faction. With what I have said above a freelance faction that plays all the sides would and could be a very realistic faction. With the freelance customization that can be done above allow the access to ships and races from both sides. As with all conflicts there will always be beings that will try to stay neutral from the war and not get into it, at least not by picking a side. Also there has always been beings that have tried to play all sides against one another. This could create a whole slew of new story lines that could be incredibly interesting to play.