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03-02-2013, 01:08 AM
Long term: Teams of more than 5 players. And more missions and STFs. Plus more exploring. Maybe variables in the missions (different maps, tactics or whatever for each run).

Mid term: Make sector space unsafe. It feels odd when you're parking your fed ship in front of Qo'nos and can feel perfectly safe. Same for Borg space. More tactics, not like "Kill this first, then kill that first", but I mean tactics required to kill an enemy. A team should be required to either work together or at least give everything to kill a single Borg cube. Remember, in canon, a Cube is enough to destroy most of a Fed fleet (First Contact, Best of Both Worlds). In STO, one ship can destroy a Borg fleet by itself (Red Alert encounter).

Short term: Moar device slots. Moar respec-options. I'm still playing with my first and only toon and have no idea what I picked at character creation or if my choices actually made any sense. And, of course, bugfixing.