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03-02-2013, 01:13 AM
Originally Posted by lordhavelock View Post
I can't speak for it's intended use or what others use it for. In STFs, when I used it prior to a "big attack", I never really noticed much of a difference. My sensor scan, grav well, tach beam, etc. are all pretty well skilled normally, so maybe that +100 to Sci skills effect is blurred by diminishing returns. I don't know... That being said, the Wells doesn't have a lot of hull points, so if my enemy gets a lucky crit (that doesn't kill me outright) or I otherwise attract too much unwanted attention, I pop this power. Every time I use it as an "oh shoot!" button, it works perfectly to get me out of trouble. And because I do get to keep firing, it's a great "tactical withdraw".

I mean, I get what you're talking about, I'm not saying you're "wrong" - Only explaining my personal experience.

BTW, I used to use the Wells "rewind time" console for that escape, but that cost a console slot, not to mention didn't break aggro, so often still didn't save me. When I got this power and found it has an even better result, for "free" - I used the slot for another Sci boosting -Threat +Plasma console.

Cool. Later this weekend, when I have some time, I'll post it for you.
Thanks, btw i was wondering what other universal console are good ?
Console Pack - Isometric Charge
Console Pack - Theta Radiation

are those any good?